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Toilet Paper Philosophy

toilet paper

It’s interesting what little tid-bits can start a philosophical debate. A co-worker told me a story about overseeing her grandson’s escapade in the bathroom to change the toilet paper roll around so that it came off “the right way”. Later, I was relating this to some friends at church, and the debate began.

Like the glass of milk that can be either half full or half empty depending upon how you would like to look at it, apparently toilet paper can properly come off the roll either from under the bottom, or over the top. And believe you me, there were some very firm views on this subject. I’m sure some of you are laughing or smiling right now because you know you prefer it one way or the other. I’m an under the bottom person myself, while my wife is just pleased when I remember to put the roll on the holder.

But, the question begs to be asked, Is there a proper way for toilet paper to come off the roll? Well I did a little research on the internet - what a wonderful tool it is too - you can find out about any mundane or crazy subject out there. Here, in brief, is what nearly 3000 people concluded in a 2 year chat discussion on the subject: The proper and best way for toilet paper rolls to be installed in the bathroom dispenser is so that it comes off the roll with tongue under (we assume this is the same as "from under the roll") The final concluded rationales were:
  • If you have pets or children that like to jump up and swat at the roll, doing so from the front, top down will only cause the roll to roll up, not unroll all over the floor.
  • Tearing from under the roll often allows for one handed operation, giving some friction against the roll as one pulls and tears away.
  • Most other rolled products; plastic wrap, foil, butchers paper etc are boxed to dispense this way - so under seems to be the accepted norm.
Well there you have it, the undisputed answer to the question you never thought you’d never actually consider. Now if anyone out there can tell me if the glass is half full or half empty...

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