Canada’s First Quints

quint babiesOn the morning of February 15th, in 1880, Dr. William Fraser of New Glasgow was called to the home of Adam Murray at little Egypt, a rural section of the County about four miles from New Glasgow. At the time of the doctor’s arrival, the family consisted of seven children, but within the hour Mrs. Murray gave birth to five children, all very small but perfectly formed.

This was the first multiple human birth in Canada. The largest of the quintuplets weighed three pounds fourteen ounces and measured 16 inches long. The smallest was two pounds eight ounces and was thirteen and a half inches long. The other babies ranged in between.

Even in those days of slow travel and few, if any, telephones, the news spread quickly, and hundreds journeyed to the Murray homestead to see the five mites of this remarkable birth.

Unfortunately, three of the children lived for only a day. Another lived until the following day, while the smallest and first born, a girl lived for two days. The bodies of the five children, in tiny rosewood caskets, were viewed by large numbers of people, and the newspaper reports at the time stated “the infants resembled beautiful works of art in wax.”

It was also reported that a Yankee showman offered the parents a large sum of money for the bodies of the infants, which was refused.

For fear the bodies would be stolen, they were interred in the cellar of the Murray home for three months. Later they were removed and buried secretly.

~ Roland H. Sherwood, 1918

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